Recently, I am working on a web project collaborate with my friend Kelun. He is in charge of front-end code and I am taking care of backend code. So, here is a problem: How can we programming together smoothly? Which means, at any moment of time, I can check his code while he is programming.

Why not Github?

No, that’s little bit heavy for this project. So, what’s alternative choices? Dropbox! Dropbox maybe the easiest way to share folder (wait, you means rsync? Dropbox did a lot of algorithm improvement to ensure it’s higher speed of syncing)
Alt text

But, something weird happens. My Webstorm automatically changed layout views. That because he is also using Webstorm, and In each project, Webstorm use a .idea/ directory to save specific settings (as the document below said).

Project settings are stored with each specific project as a set of xml files under the .idea folder. If you specify the default project settings, these settings will be automatically used for each newly created project.

Is there any .gitginore like file in Dropbox?

Sure. Of course it’s not as powerful as .gitginore. In dropbox -> Preference -> Account -> Change Setting, unclick .idea folder, that’s all.

Also, I strongly suggest unclick node_modules folder. It takes Dropbox too much time to synchronize a bunch of small pieces of files.

And if you sometimes use Emacs, to avoid annoying temporary files (but some time really save you ass), the only way I know is to add this in .emacs file.

(setq make-backup-files nil)

Please feel free to correct my typos or grammar.